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The North Face Jackets and Apparel at Ken Jones Ski Mart!

Posted by Administrator on 1/27/2015
No matter where you find yourself in the world, there’s always a good chance that you’re going to see North Face jackets and apparel being worn. And one may be quick to think that the high prevalence of North Face jackets is symbolic of the notion that they’re simply the style. Which would be true of most clothing companies, but not with The North Face. No, they’ve become such a large, international company by staying true to their roots – providing the public with the highest quality outdoor gear available.
Ken Jones Ski Mart Blog

X Games 2015: Reminding Riders Why We’re the Premier Snowboard Shop in Manchester, NH

Posted by Administrator on 1/26/2015
Over the last few days, the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado have had everyone here at our snowboard shop in Manchester, NH on the edges of our seats. The greatest riders in the world converged onto the newly built snowboarding facility in Aspen and proceeded to put on display the mind-bending skills that make up the future of snowboarding. Every year, riders push the boundaries of what we think is possible. This year, if you couldn’t land a perfect 1440 triple cork, it’s as if you shouldn’t have shown up at all.
Ken Jones Ski Mart Blog

Capita Snowboards: By Riders for Riders

Posted by Administrator on 1/23/2015
At Ken Jones Ski Mart, we’re proud to offer snowboards from the most dynamic and trusted brands in the industry. Now, this is going to sound like a deranged comparison but, snowboard companies are like our children – it’s simply impossible to pick a favorite. However, Capita Snowboards has a unique history, produces high quality products, sponsors some of the best riders in the sport, and has that “rock star” attitude that just can’t be ignored.
Ken Jones Ski Mart Blog

Right in Our Backyard: Some of the Best Snowboarding Near Manchester, NH

Posted by Administrator on 1/6/2015
As New Englanders, we sometimes have to remind ourselves that we live in an area of the country that uniquely lends itself to snow sports of all kinds. We get a lot of snow. Not only do we get a lot of snow – we often get hard, icy snow – the kind that toughens our hides and makes us learn to ski and ride harder and with more precision than is seen in most parts of the U.S. “If you can snowboard here, you can snowboard anywhere,” is a phrase we’ve heard again and again when it comes to New England. We don’t even have to make painfully long drives to ride. The snow comes to us. Even snowboarding near Manchester, NH offers riders challenging and fulfilling terrain every year. And we’re thankful to be a part of it.

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