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6 Tips for Storing Your Gear this Summer: Brought to You by Our Ski Shop in NH

Posted by Administrator on 5/13/2015

Ski shop in NH from Ken JonesSo the winter season has come and gone. Your beloved skis and snowboards now have to go into hibernation for a long, bittersweet time. While we all have holes left in our hearts brought on by the weight that comes along with not being able to ski or snowboard, everyone at our ski shop in NH reminds you to stay active over the next few months. Hike, run, swim, skate, climb a mountain or two – do whatever you have to do to keep that spark of momentum going until the mountains open up again. But DON’T simply throw your skis or snowboards in your shed or basement without providing them with some well-deserved storage techniques.

Like an ancient Egyptian ruler being readied for their trip to the next world, your skis and snowboards deserve similar attention when being stored over the summer, and our ski shop in NH is here to share a few storage tips with you today.

  1. Give them a good cleaning – You just need a towel and a garden hose to get all the built up salt, dirt, grime and dried IPA off of your skis or boards. Give them a thorough spraying but try not to get the bindings too wet. You don’t want to use detergent or degreasers because they could harm the binding lubricant. If you see a gross black or gray mess buildup of spring pollen around the bases, use a cloth with a tiny amount of citrus solvent.
  2. The edges – Taking care of apparent burrs now decreases the chances that rust will develop over the next few months. If you have a ski or snowboard specific file at home great! You can use that to smooth the edges and remove any pesky burs. If not, don’t stress it, you can wait until the tune shop reopens in the fall to get them taken care of.
  3. Wax your bases – To protect your skis and boards from oxidation, wax them with a hot wax or an all-temperature or a warm-weather wax. Be liberal with the stuff and make sure to cover the edges to deter rust. And, if you don’t have any wax at home no worries. You can stop by Snowboard Jones (right below the ski shop) and pick some up for the summer.
  4. Store your skis and boards – Find a cool, dry place inside your home or apartment to store your gear and keep them in a neutral position where no pressure is applied to the rocker or camber.
  5. Remember your boots – Pulling out the liners of your boots and making sure that everything is dry is key to keeping them in good condition over the next few months. Make sure to buckle them loosely so they don’t lose their shape. Check for any wear and tear and, if need be, bring them to our tune shop for any repairs or if you have any questions.
  6. Patiently wait for winter’s return – When the lifts crank back up, scrape off the wax and hit the slopes if you used an all-temperature wax. If you used a warm-weather wax, scrape that off and wax it again for the current temperatures. Also, it never hurts to drop the skis off at the shop at the end of the summer for a fresh tune. The ski shop reopens for the seasons Monday, August 10th.

These six tips will help you keep your gear in good condition for next season and, remember, our tune shop can help you ready your stuff for the many sunny days of slumber ahead!

To get in touch with our ski shop in NH, contact us at: 1-866-892-7607

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