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Ski Tuning
Ski Tuning

At Ken Jones Ski Mart we use the newest and most advanced Wintersteiger machines.

The Ken Jones "Tuning Professionals:"

Our expertly trained staff have been tuning skis for a combined total of over 100 years! They take pride in the work that they do to ensure that you have the best on hill experience. And that's why our customers keep coming back! The Tune Shop at Ken Jones tunes thousands of skis a year, let us tune yours!

The Phantom Permanent Waxer:

New to the Ken Jones Tune Shop for the 2019-2020 winter season is the Phantom permanent wax system. The Phantom is a process developed by M.I.T students and owed by the ski company DPS out of Salt Lake City. First, the ski is treated with a special blend of chemicals and allowed to sit for a little while. Next, the ski sits in the UV light producing Phantom "Tanning Bed", as we have nicknamed it, for about 30 minutes. During this time the UV light reacts with the base and the chemicals to hydrate the entire base top to bottom.  As you tune the ski new layers of hydrated base is exposed keeping your ski fast for its entire life. The waxing process of the future is here!

The Wintersteiger difference:

Precision and top-class performance is what has made Wintersteiger the world market leader in tuning equipment. Professional edge grinding ensures uncompromising grip even in icy conditions. A Wintersteiger tune ensures easier turning and gliding, providing an optimally structured base creating the perfect "turning moment." Together, they create a feeling on the slopes which you'll never want to be without again!

Our Wintersteiger Machines:

Trim Jet - Ceramic Disk side and base edge refinisher
Stone Grinder
Edge Belt
Base Belt
R Off B Waxer
ASTM - Ski Tronic Binding Tester

Why Tuning Matters:

Ski Magazine Tip #11 "Tuning Matters:" Even a novice can appreciate a freshly tuned ski. And even if you don't hit any rocks, normal skiing degrades a tune to the point of drastic reduction in performance after five or six days.