Boot Fitting

Ken Jones Ski Mart is moving to a reservation only-system for all ski boot customizations for the 2022-2023 season. To make an appointment please use the scheduler at the bottom of the page. Thank You 

Ski Boot Fitting 

Proper fitting ski boots provide skiers precise power over the ski, creating a seamless connection between skier and surface. Ill fitting ski boots can be linked to poor circulation, increased risk of frostbite and bone spurs - in other words - stoke stealers. Ken Jones offers a variety of alterations and adjustments from master boot fitters. Take a peek at our offerings and make your appointment below.



New Ski Boot Fitting 

Time to upgrade from that ancient rear-entry boot? Or maybe looking to step up your game with a higher flex? Ken Jones Ski Mart offers over 100 models of Adult ski boots ensuring every skier finds their perfect fit. Sitting down with one of our boot fitters, we'll break down your specific needs: Your skiing ability, preferences, and goal. From here well provide suggestions unique to your needs. Once youve decided on a boot its time to go skiing under our boot fit guarantee. To upgrade your fit add on a custom foot bed from Masterfit (Coming Fall 2022) or slip in a trim to fit foot bed from Superfeet. 
Reservations available, but not required. 

Boot Fit Guarantee 

Every Ski Boot at Ken Jones comes with our one year Boot Fit Guarantee. We understand that feeling out a perfect ski boot fit is tough without skiing the boot. Our Boot Fit Guarantee, provides a year of free boot work from date of purchase. After a few adjustments and trial runs, if the fit still isn't perfect we will take it back and refund you store credit towards another ski boot. 

New or Used Ski Boot Customization 

Ski boots are more customizable than ever. Many of the ski boot issues skiers feel can be fixed by making simple adjustments. Sitting down with one of our boot fitters in a private appointment, we will analyze your boot and recommend alterations based on your current experience, skier abilities, and goals. 
In some cases, the boots will need work that may take much longer than the one hour allotted for the appointment. In this case we will have you pick up the boot on a later date. 
$100 hourly - $50 minimum 


Heat Molds 

Some manufacturers use new technologies allowing boots to be custom molded for a better fit. The staff at Ken Jones puts the boots in specially designed chambers to heat the shell and make it ready for molding to your feet. Once perfectly molded to your foot shape, the boot is rapidly cooled to hold the plastic shell into its new shape. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach for ski boot adjustments, but it can achieve lots of minor to medium fit adjustments. 
Service may not be possible for all ski boots. Includes heating of the liner.